Papers Zetla Pink + Filter Tips King Size Slim- High-quality paper, slow burning in pink


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Discover the Zetla Pink + Filter Slim papers. Each pack contains 33 Papers + Filter Tips specifically designed to enhance your smoking experience.


  • High-quality material: Zetla rolling papers are made from the finest French paper and 100% plant gum, which stands for quality and tradition.
  • Optimal size: The papers have a format of 108 x 44 mm, ideal for comfortable and easy rolling.
  • Slow Burn: These papers are thin and light, burning evenly and slowly to give you a long-lasting smoking experience.
  • Smooth smoking: Experience a gentle and even burn that reveals the full aroma of your choice and makes every puff a pleasure.
  • Easy to use: Perfect for beginners and professionals, these papers roll effortlessly and ensure a consistent result every time.
  • Guaranteed Purity: Zetla papers are free of contaminants, guaranteeing a clean and satisfying smoke.