Soft Silicone Case Snuff Set "Suitcase" with Card, Dispenser with Spoon, Snuff Tube & Mini Glass Plate Luggage Turquoise Funny Sniff Snuff


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Soft silicone case snuff set "suitcase" with card, dispenser with spoon, drawing tube & mini glass plate luggage turquoise

- Size of the case: 11.5cm x 7.5cm x 3.5cm (closed) - Robust silicone case with zipper
- in a funny suitcase design
- Everything you need on the go or at home is always at hand in one set

Scope of delivery:

- Softcase in Koffer Form
- 1 x Hack map
- 1 x Mini Glass Plate
- 1 x pull tube
- 1 x dispenser with telescopic spoon in the lid