Individual glass snow tube with engraving of your choice

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Personalized tube for you or ideal as a gift! 

- stable, light and durable
- stylish and elegant
- The drawing tube with an individual message of love for yourself!

Here you have the unique opportunity to purchase an 8.2 cm long drawing tube - our homage to the €500 note. The diameter is 8.3mm. Our snow tubes are made of heat-resistant Duran glass, are hygienic, nose-friendly and individually engraved. Of course, snow tubes are dishwasher safe and tasteless and odorless.

Think of Come up with a catchy saying, look for a font off and you're ready to go.

only your text will be engraved on the snow tube (max. 20 characters). Please note that emojis are displayed differently in some fonts. 

Please note the following points before placing your order:

- Personalized products cannot be returned or exchanged. 

- Tubes without dots are only available in transparent. 

- Since the tubes are manufactured individually after the order has been received and this takes a little more time than shipping regular items, express shipping is unfortunately not possible. Nevertheless, you will of course receive your order as quickly as possible.