Vintage Mini Spoon with Crown, 60mm, Snuff Snorter Powder Spoon - Royal Charm for Snuff Gold

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Elegance meets practicality

Want to add a touch of royal elegance to your snuff ritual? Our vintage mini spoon with crown in gold is the perfect choice. This mini spoon has been carefully designed to be both aesthetically pleasing and extremely functional. 

High quality design and material 

Made of high-quality aluminum, this mini spoon impresses not only with its durability, but also with its exquisite crown decoration. The gold finish gives it a touch of luxury and makes it an eye-catcher in any snuff collection.

Generous spoon surface

Our mini spoon is characterized by its extra large spoon surface, which allows you to easily pick up and enjoy snuff. Whether you're an experienced snuff lover or just starting out, this spoon makes the process fun.