Mini spoon with dollar decoration (ca.38mm) Charm snuff spoon silver


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Small, handy spoon (approx. 38mm) and therefore ideal for on the go and still with a large spoon recess and enough capacity! 

With $ charm embellishment in silver

Discover the small and handy spoon (approx. 38 mm), which is perfect for on the go and still offers a generous spoon recess and sufficient capacity!

This practical spoon is the ideal companion for on the go, be it in your pocket or backpack. Despite its compact size, the generous spoon recess allows for a pleasant and enjoyable meal or drink.

The silver charm decoration in the form of a "$" gives the spoon a special and individual touch that sets it apart from ordinary spoons.

Enjoy the handiness and charm of this unique spoon in all your adventures and moments on the go!