Gold Heart SET 1x metal board incl. 2 drawing tubes, dispenser & card Straw drawing pad Classy Edel Straw Tube Sniff Snuff

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Our GOLD heart set is a high-quality and elegant set that was specially developed for you as a snuff lover. It contains carefully selected and high quality components that offer you an unparalleled snuff experience.

You will receive two drawing tubes with a length of 70mm, which are in a beautiful gold tone. The drawing tubes are perfect for dosing your snuff and ensure a comfortable experience.

The set also includes a hack card "My Personal Snuff Card", which allows you to shred your snuff quickly and easily. The card is made of sturdy material and can be easily stored in your wallet or bag.

As an additional highlight, the GOLD Heart Set offers a high-quality metal drawing base. The base is elegantly designed and has a size of 9cm x 9cm. The raised edge ensures that nothing goes wrong and your surface always stays clean.

Our GOLD Heart Set is a perfect gift for you as a snuff lover or a great addition to your own collection. With this set you will be able to take your snuff experience to a new level and get the most out of every snuff.

In short, our GOLD Heart Set is an elegant, high quality and practical set that will enhance your snuffing experience. Treat yourself to this set and experience the ultimate snuff experience!

Scope of delivery:

-Gold heart shaped drawing pad

-2x 70mm goldziehröhrchen

-1x Dosierer Gold 5.0

-1x Hack Karte "My Personal Snuff Card"