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Dear customers, even if celebrating has been slowed down in the past few months despite Covid, we have made it our mission, especially during this time, to provide you with everything you need to party! Whether alone, together, in the club or at home, fun should never be neglected, and so we came up with the idea for DieBallerei during another lockdown in November 2020. In addition to stylish, practical and safe products, it is important to us to offer you good customer service and to continually offer you new combinations and product variations.
We are very pleased that you found your way to us and hope that you will discover your new favorite product here. If you have any questions/suggestions, please feel free to contact us at any time!


The dispatch takes place with a neutral sender/packaging.

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From Frankfurt/Germany with love ❤️

Mathias & Ines
2020 - 2024

The brand 'Die.Ballerei® ' is registered in the German Patent and Trademark Office of the Federal Republic of Germany under the trademark no. 30 2023 238 719 been successfully registered. The corresponding file number for this process is: 30 2023 238 713.8. This registration represents an important milestone for 'Die.Ballerei' by legally protecting the brand and confirming its uniqueness in the competitive environment. With this registration 'Die.Ballerei® ' exclusive rights to use the brand name and logo in business transactions, which represents a decisive advantage over competitors. The registration in the German Patent and Trademark Office is a testament to the innovative strength and entrepreneurial commitment that characterizes 'Die.Ballerei'.