Hard case snuff deluxe in a retro look with 2X aluminum dispensers, 3X dispensers with spoons & small golden spoons for snuff


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Hard case snuff DELUXE in retro look with 2x aluminum dispenser, 3x dispenser with spoon & small golden spoon for snuff

Size: 7.5cm x 7.5cm x 2.5m (closed) - Robust case with zipper is always ready for use - Anywhere & immediately at hand. The snuff dispenser can be operated with just one movement

Provides the desired amount of snuff / tobacco / etc. in the simplest possible way - The article is offered for use by snuff

- Cassette handbag hard case snuff DELUXE with 2x aluminum dispenser (random color selection), 3x dispenser (random color selection) with spoon & small golden spoon for snuff