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Mobile rapid test for determining the MDMA content in pills and crystals with additional detection of diluents

  • Quick evaluation after 10 minutes
  • Detection range between 40 - 320 mg active ingredient content
  • Additional detection of 2C-B, amphetamine, methamphetamine, MDA, PMMA or PMA
  • Evaluation of the test kit with the naked eye and evaluation scale
  • The MDMA-QTest for determining concentration and detecting diluents is a single-use application

The MDMA-QTest takes place in four simple steps:

  • Preparation: Rub material evenly from the pill and then weigh out 50 mg of starting material
  • Extraction: Add the weighed starting material to the extraction liquid provided
  • Detection: Pour detection solution into the glass containers provided
  • Evaluation: Allow the color complex to develop and determine the concentration of the active ingredient content using the evaluation scale. The evaluation of the extenders is carried out via the interpretation of the attached “Color Path”

 Scope of delivery/components:

  • Protective gloves
  • Extraction vessel with black lid and 2-phase purification
  • Dropper bottle with developer
  • Large glass jar with white screw cap and detection reagent
  • Small glass jar with a blue lid and detection reagent
  • Small glass jar with a red lid and detection reagent
  • Instructions with evaluation scale
Product units per pack: 1