Mobile drug rapid test Drug Screening Miraculix LSD QTest cardboard


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Mobile rapid test for determining the LSD content in blotters and aqueous or alcoholic liquids

  • Detection range between 20 - 260 µg
  • Evaluation of the test kits with the naked eye and evaluation scale
  • The QTest for determining concentration is a one-time use

The LSD-QTest takes place in three simple steps:

  •  Extraction: Cut the blotter in half and add it to the extraction liquid
  •  Detection: Place syringe with detection solution in the extraction vessel  
  • Evaluation: Let the color complex develop and use the evaluation scale

 Scope of delivery/components:

  • Protective gloves
  • Dropper bottle with green lid and detection solution
  • Glass vessel with screw cap (extraction vessel)
  • Instructions with evaluation scale


Product units per pack: 1