Royal Box Blue Honeycomb including integrated tube for snuff for on the go SPECIAL EDITION

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“Discreet, elegant, clean” – that is our motto for this stylish piece. Not only is it mega innovative, but it also adds momentum to form and function. Thanks to its advanced antibacterial coating, everything remains hygienic and brings a touch of class to your everyday life. Welcome to the future of cleanliness, where science meets style - make your daily routine an experience of purity and elegance.

The thing has 45 compartments, is light as a feather at just 90 grams and even comes with two cool aluminum straws. Safe, fast, clean and easy to use – what more could you want?

'Royal Box' with tubes, turntable. Snorting tobacco - you can do it in no time with the 'Royal Box', but it can also be used universally. The product is made of high-quality, shiny aluminum and its special advantages are the compact size in credit card format for wallets or trouser pockets as well as the safe, hygienic and quick handling according to the motto: Discreet, elegant, clean!