Royal Box including integrated tube plus free dispenser for snuff Sniff Snuff dispenser for on the go record player white

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Multifunktionales Design
The Royal Box combines elegance and practicality in a compact, credit card-sized format (86mm x 54mm x 8mm), ideal for travel and fits perfectly in wallets or bags.

High quality material
Made from premium, high-gloss plastic, the Royal Box offers durability and an attractive design for demanding users.

Simple and hygienic application
With the integrated aluminum drawing tube and the free dispenser, the Royal Box enables safe, quick and clean removal of snuff, without compromising discretion.

Versatile and universally applicable
Whether as a collector's item or for everyday use, the Royal Box with its 8 compartments and a weight of only 35g is the ideal solution for lovers of elegant solutions.

Discover the ultimate solution for elegant and discreet enjoyment of snuff: the Royal Box. This innovative box, designed in a practical credit card format, fits seamlessly into any wallet or pocket. Made from high-quality, high-gloss plastic, it combines functionality with style. The Royal Box is characterized by its easy and hygienic handling, supported by an integrated aluminum straw and a free dispenser.
With 8 compartments and a lightweight design of only 35g, it not only offers versatile use but also an elegant presentation. No matter where you are, the Royal Box is always at hand and promises quick, clean and easy use.