Set TO GO with a small mirror, razor blade, card holder, 3x doser (colorful), 3x pull tube (colorful), 2x pull & hack card


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Set TO GO includes small mirror, razor blade, card holder, 3x dispensers with fold-out / extendable spoons (colorful), 3x drawing tubes (colorful), 2x drawing & hacking cards for snuff

- Made of plastic, aluminum and glass
- Anywhere & immediately at hand. The snuff dispenser can be operated with just one hand and delivers the desired amount of snuff / tobacco / etc. in the simplest way.

Scope of delivery:

- ⭐ Small mirror 4.8 x 7.0cm
- ⭐ Razor blade, with one-sided holder (so you don't cut yourself)
- ⭐ Card holder (with adhesive strips on the back to attach to cell phones etc.) 5.6 x 8.8cm
- ⭐ 3x dispensers with fold-out/extendable spoons - mixed colors
- ⭐ 2x Draw & Hack card
- ⭐ 3x pull tubes (colorful)