Bag set Holo Smiley/Alien/Donut/Nice Guy (various sets) Storage Transport ZIP Lock Bag Bags Zipper resealable

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These bags in different versions are the ideal solution for storing and safely transporting all fine substances. With these practical ZIP Lock bags, your contents stay fresh, protected and ready to hand at all times, and the bags are an absolute eye-catcher thanks to their shimmering holo look 

The bags are equipped with high-quality ZIP lock closures that allow for easy opening and closing, so you can always keep your contents fresh. The robust materials ensure that the bags are durable and keep the contents safe.


Smiley: 10cm x 10cm

Alien: 10cm x 12,5cm

Donut: 10cm x 10cm

Mr. Nice Guy: 10cm x 8,5cm

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